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LINC, the LEIPZIG INTERVENTIONAL COURSE is strongly committed to contribute to a systematic scientific evaluation and interdisciplinary discussion of new methods in the field of vascular medicine, allowing conclusions for daily interventional practice.

LINC is an interdisciplinary live course, designed to provide a global platform, permitting the discussion of the „vascular patients“ by integrating colleagues of different specialties from around the world who are performing endovascular interventions.

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LINC 2021 featured more than 50 sessions and 42 live cases from 17 renowned centers worldwide.

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LINC 2021 live case guide

View the details of all live cases. More than 40 live cases took place from 17 transmission centers worldwide.

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LINC 2021 Oral abstract presentations

More than 140 abstracts have been received for LINC 2021. Take advantage and visit these interesting presentations.

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LINC 2021 learning center

Catch up with the newest innovations!

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LINC Today Asia-Pacific

Review all LINC 2019 Today Asia-Pacific issues. Our daily conference newspaper is packed with interviews, trial data, and other highlights.

LINC Today

Review all LINC Today issues. Our daily conference newspaper is packed with interviews, trial data and other highlights.

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