LINC @ VIVA 2019

LINC @ VIVA took place

on 6 November 2019
Global Theater

at the Wynn Las Vegas, USA



8:15 AM – 9:15 AM
Co-Moderator: Sean Lyden, MD; Dierk Scheinert, MD

Panelist: Marianne Brodmann, MD; Koen R. Deloose, MD;
Raghu Kolluri, MD; Steven Kum, MD; Michael Lichtenberg, MD;
Warren Swee, MD, MPH; Ramon Varcoe, MBBS, MS, PhD;
Thomas Zeller, MD, PhD 

8:15 AM – 8:23 AM
Will Drug Delivery Play a Role in Improving BTK Patency, and If So, When?      Steven Kum, MD

8:23 AM – 8:31 AM
Severe Venous and Arterial Disease Aren't So Different: Unmet Needs and Challenges      Raghu Kolluri, MD

8:31 AM – 8:35 AM Panel Discussion

8:35 AM – 8:43 AM
Strategies for Optimizing Acute Results of BTK Intervention: Balloon Sizing, Best Minimal Lumen Diameter, Managing Dissections, and More      Michael Lichtenberg, MD

8:43 AM – 8:51 AM
Trial Endpoints That Make Sense: Patency, Wound Healing, Target Lesion Revascularization, Amputation-Free Survival—Which One Is Best?      Marianne Brodmann, MD

8:51 AM – 8:55 AM Panel Discussion

8:55 AM – 9:03 AM
Significant Recent and Ongoing Trials That Are Shaping Practice      Koen R. Deloose, MD

9:03 AM – 9:11 AM
Acute Procedural Endpoints: How Many Tibials and Which to Revascularize? How to Know When You're Done     Thomas Zeller, MD, PhD

9:11 AM – 9:15 AM Panel Discussion


10:45 AM – 12:00 PM 

Live Case Moderator: Dierk Scheinert, MD

Live Case Panelist: Marianne Brodmann, MD; Janice Newsome, MD;
C. Keith Ozaki, MD; Sahil A. Parikh, MD; Parag J. Patel, MD; Ravish Sachar, MD; 

Luis A. Sanchez, MD; Ramon Varcoe, MBBS, MS, PhD


2:15 PM – 3:30 PM
The Roundtable

Co-Moderator: Dierk Scheinert, MD; Peter A. Schneider, MD

Panelist: Ehrin Armstrong, MD; Bulent Arslan, MD; Marianne Brodmann, MD;
Steven Kum, MD; Arthur Lee, MD; Ramon Varcoe, MBBS, MS, PhD 

2:15 PM – 1:22 PM
Multilevel Disease: When to Stage It, When to Fix Everything, and How To Know When You've Done Enough for Success     Bulent Arslan, MD

2:22 PM – 2:27 PM Panel Discussion

2:27 PM – 2:34 PM
Retrograde Access in Revascularization for CLI: When and How to Do It     Arthur Lee, MD

2:34 PM – 2:39 PM Panel Discussion

2:39 PM – 2:46 PM
What Role Does DCB Play in CLI Patients?     Marianne Brodmann, MD

2:46 PM – 2:51 PM Panel Discussion

2:51 PM – 2:58 PM
Options for Reconstruction in the CLI Patient With TASCD +++ Femoropopliteal Disease     Ramon Varcoe, MBBS, MS, PhD

2:58 PM – 3:04 PM Panel Discussion

3:04 PM - 3:11 PM
Tack-Optimized Angioplasty in the Tibial Arteries: Technique and Results Ehrin Armstrong, MD

3:11 PM – 3:17 PM Panel Discussion

3:17 PM – 3:24 PM
Identifying No-Option Patients and When to Consider Deep Venous Arterialization: Technique and Results     Steven Kum, MD

3:24 PM – 3:30 PM Panel Discussion

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