Wednesday, November 15, 2017

4:37PM – 5:57 PM

SESSION 46 (Trianon Ballroom, 3rd Floor)
Pioneering techniques in peripheral artery Interventions
Moderators: G. Biamino, D. Scheinert
Panel: A. Schmidt, W. Gray, D. Branzan, M. Brodmann

4:37–4:45  Latest device improvements for carotid interventions – W.Gray
4:45–5:02  Recorded case: Recanalization of a common carotid re-stenosis with advanced filterprotection and latest stent technology – A. Schmidt

5:02–5:10  Advanced endovascular techniques for calcified peripheral CTO`s – D. Branzan
5:10–5:27  Recorded case: Extensive vessel prep with tumescent anesthesia in extensive calcification + stenting A.Schmidt

5:27–5:35  Novel strategies for drug-delivery and scaffolding in BTK arteries – M. Brodmann
5:35–5:52  Recorded case: BTK recanalization with deep adventitial drug delivery and Tack scaffolding – A. Schmidt

5:52-5:57  Discussion