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LINC @ JET will take place on 

23 February 2019

at the TKP Garden City Shinagawa
1F Shinagawa Goos, 3-13-3 Takanawa, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-007, Japan

Session No B6
Saturday, February 23rd, 2019, 09:00–10:30
Novel approaches and technologies for complex femoropopliteal artery lesions
Moderators:  A. Schmidt, P. Schneider, K. Urasawa
Panel: R. Langhoff, S. Kum, D. Kawasaki, Y. Soga
Introduction     A. Schmidt
Dissections: Prevent, minimize, or repair – How to make a stent-less strategy work in real practice?     P. Schneider
Recorded case:  Vessel preparation with Chocolate balloon + In.Pact DCB     A. Schmidt
Latest insights on DES technology – Clinical implication of the IMPERIAL-RCT     R. Langhoff
Recorded case:  Reconstruction of SFA-CTO with Eluvia DES     A. Schmidt 
Tips and tricks for management of calcified lesions – The role of specialized stent technology     A. Schmidt
Recorded case: Recanalization of a calcified femoropoliteal occlusion and stabilization with Supera biomimetic stents     A. Schmidt
Multi-LOC Multiple Stent Delivery System: Results of the Multicenter LOCOMOTIVE Study     R. Langhoff
Conclusion and Summary     P. Schneider  

Session No B9
Saturday, February 23rd, 2019, 14:50–16:20
Pioneering techniques for challenging CTO´s and BTK diesease
Moderator: A. Schmidt, R. Varcoe, K. Urasawa
Panel: S. Kum, O. Iida, Y Miyashita
Introduction     A. Schmidt
Interventional reconstruction of the popliteal artery – How to approach and how to stabilize?     R. Varcoe 
Recorded case: Crack and pave     A. Schmidt
Drug-coated balloons for BTK disease: Insights from the Lutonix BTK IDE trial     A. Schmidt
Recorded case: Retrograde recanalization of a BTK-CTO and treatment with Lutonix DCB     A. Schmidt
Percutaneous Deep Venous Arterialization – Update on international experience     S. Kum´
Recorded case: Completely percutaneous External Iliac to P2 bypass for CLI     S. Kum
Conclusion and Summary:    R. Varcoe

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