LINC @ CX | Wednesday, April 26, 08:00–09:30 | Lower Main Auditorium


LINC @ CX – Advanced techniques for interventional revascularization in critical limb ischemia

Moderators: G. Biamino, D. Scheinert
Panel: Panel: A. Schmidt, R. Varcoe, F. Liistro

08:00–08:10   Patient specific selection of access and crossing techniques for challenging BTK cases     A. Schmidt
08:10–08:25   Recorded case: Retrograde anterior tibial recanalization via 2.9F tibial access
08:25–08:35   Stenting in below the knee arteries – Quo vadis? Update on DES, bioabsorbable scaffolds, and future selfexpanding DES concepts     R. Varcoe
08:35–08:45   DCB below the knee: Lessons learned, technological improvements, and current projects     D. Scheinert
08:45–09:00   Recorded case: Retrograde tibial recanalization via plantar artery access and DCB angioplasty
09:00–09:10   Below-the-ankle angioplasty: Indications, techniques, and results     F. Liistro

09:10–09:30   Discussion