LINC @ CICE 2017

will take place on
April 6, 2017
at the WTC Theater, at the Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel,
São Paulo, Brazil



WTC Theater, 10:11–11:41, LINC @ CICE, part 1
How to optimize outcomes of femoropopliteal procedures? Focus on vessel preparation and optimal use of DVB and stents
Moderators: A. Schmidt, B. Freitas
Panel: T. Heller, Ch. Metzger

How good are DCB alone? And what is the role of vessel preparation, atherectomy and spot stunting?     M. Bosiers
Recorded case: Directional atherectomy + DCB
The role of rotational thrombectomy for subacute and acute arterial occlusions     T. Heller
Recorded case: Rotational thrombectomy + DCB

Dealing with severe calcification: How to optimally stent the vessel?     C. Metzger
Recorded case: Treatment of a severely calcified femoropopliteal lesion with “Pave and crack technique”


WTC Theater, 16:44–18:14, LINC @ CICE, part 2 
Securing Inflow – Optimizing outflow: Current and future prospectives
Moderators: A. Schmidt, B. Freitas
Panel: LM. Palena, Ch. Metzger

Recanalisation techniques for complex aortoiliac occlusions – What is the role of covered stents?     B. Freitas
Recorded case: Recanalisation of a complex Iliac occlusion with covered stents
Advanced crossing techniques for obstructions below the knee and below the ankle     LM. Palena
Recorded case: Retrograde tibial recanalization + DCB
The role of drug delivery to optimize results of BTK procedures: Lessons learned, current status, and future outlook      A. Schmidt
Recorded case: Crossing of a challenging femoral lesion and stenting with biomimetic technology