Friday, October 27

Room 7

Luncheon Seminar
12:30-13:30 LINC @ CCT2017 (1)

Chairmen: K. Urasawa, G. Biamino

12:30–12:50 Recorded video case: Percutaneous reconstruction of a aortoiliac occlusion with Chimney-technique     A. Schmidt

12:50–13:00 The role of covered stents for aortoiliac lesions     A. Schmidt

13:00–13:20 Recorded video case: Treatment of an extremely calcified SFA-CTO with Viabahn and Interwoven nitinol-stent: the ‚cracking and paving‘-technique     A. Schmidt

13:20–13:30 Techniques for treatment of calcified femoropopliteal lesions: (atherectomy, stents, PQ-bypass)     Y. Bausback

Saturday, October 28

Room 7

Luncheon Seminar
12:00-13:00 LINC @ CCT2017 (2)

Chairmen: Y. Miyashita, G. Biamino

12:00–12:20 Recorded video case: Rotarex-thrombectomy of a SFA in-stent reocclusion     A. Schmidt

12:20–12:30 Prevention of restenosis: update on DCBs for fempop lesions and comparison to DES     Y. Bausback

12:30–12:50 Recorded video case: Tibial occlusion treatment with adventitial dexamethason-injection using a Bullfrog-device     A. Schmidt

12:50–13:00 What is new for treatment of BTK-lesions (update on DCB-trials, adventitial dexamethason-injection, deep venous arterialization)     A. Schmidt


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