LINC Asia-Pacific 2019 presentations


LINC Asia-Pacific is an interdisciplinary live course,
designed to provide a global platform, permitting the discussion
of the „vascular patients“ by integrating colleagues of different specialties
who are performing endovascular interventions.

LINC Asia-Pacific 2019 took place from Tuesday, 12 March through Wednesday, 13 March 2019.

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Room 202

2 events
  • Tuesday, March 12th: - , Room 202

    Asian expert panel on CLI treatment: Case based presentation and discussion

    Dierk Scheinert
    Zhidong Ye, Young-Guk Ko, Bryan Yan, Tatsuya Nakama, Steven Kum, Carlos Mena-Hurtado
    1. -

      Pros & cons in pedal access in CLI

        Yoshimitsu Soga
    2. -

      Limb salvage in CLI

        Seung-Woon Rha
    3. -

      Atherectomy device in CLI

        Chung-Ho Hsu
    4. -

      Diabetic patients in CLI

        Min Yang
    5. -

      Surgical approach of CLI

        Jackie Ho
    6. -

      Partial revascularisation for wound healing is enough?

        Skyi Yin Chun Pang
  • Wednesday, March 13th: - , Room 202

    Selected abstracts and challenging cases – EVAR

    Ta-Wei Su
    1. -

      The results of extending indications for TEVAR procedures to nearly all acute Type B aortic dissection

        Yun-Yu Chen
    2. -

      4-year surgical results for traumatic aortic injury in China Medical University Hospital, Mid-Taiwan

        Yi-Chun Lin
    3. -

      Long-term results after EVAS in abdominal aortic aneurysm: A single center experience

        Alessia Di Girolamo
    4. -

      An update on the Western Australian Experience with the Gore Excluder Iliac Branch device for common iliac artery aneurysm – technical and intermediate outcomes

        Tishanthan Pathmarajah
    5. -

      Successful REBOA in trauma patients

        Supatcha Prasertcharoensuk
    6. -

      Short and middle term outcomes of controllable fenestrated TEVAR using physician modified stent-grafts for aortic arch pathology

        Xiangchen Dai
    7. -

      The impact of gender on 30-day and 5-year outcomes post elective endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm

        Ali Daneshmand
    8. -

      Reducing radiation exposure in endovascular surgery

        Tishanthan Pathmarajah
    9. -

      The rationale and result of TEVAR procedure for Type B intramural hematoma of aorta

        Yun-Ting Lee
    10. -

      Discussion and conclusion

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