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Beijing PLA Hospital

3 livecase(s)
  • Tuesday, March 12th: - , Room 1 - Main Arena

    Case 01 – SFA occlusion

    Beijing PLA Hospital
    Case 01 – BPH 01: male, 62 years
    • Wei Guo
    Severe claudication right calf for 3 years, walking capacity 100 meters
    Rutherford: 3
    TASC: B
    ABI: L 0.86, R 0.52

    Hypertension, smoking, DM

    1. Left femoral access and cross-over approach
    – 6F 55 cm sheath (COOK)
    2. Passage of the occlusion
    – 0.018" V-18 guidewire 300 cm (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)
    – 0.018" Trailblazer support catheter, 135 cm (MEDTRONIC)
    3. POBA and DCB
    – 5/60 mm Armada 18 balloon (ABBOTT)
    – 5/60 mm DCB (AcoArt I)
    – 6/60 mm Zilver-stent (COOK) implantation in case of severe dissection
    4. Puncture site closure
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  • Wednesday, March 13th: - , Room 1 - Main Arena

    Case 10 – Juxtarenal AAA-EVAR with fenestrated stentgraft

    Beijing PLA Hospital
    Case 10 – BPH 02: male, 67 years
    • Wei Guo
    Abdominal pulsating mass detected for 3 years
    Cr: 120 umol/L

    Hypertension, smoking

    1. Bifemoral percutaneous approach
    – Preclosing with Proglide closure devices (ABBOTT)
    2. Implantation of the main stentgraft
    – 28/109 mm (COOK)
    – Preset Rosen guidewire to both renal arteries
    – Implanting stents 7–17 mm in bilateral renal arteries
    3. Implantation of the bifurcated stentgraft
    – 24/20/94 mm (COOK)
    4. Implantation of iliac stentgraft
    – 18/39 mm (COOK)
    5. PTA of the graft
    – Coda balloon catheter (COOK)
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  • Wednesday, March 13th: - , Room 2 - Technical Forum

    Case 21 – Embolization of a Type-II endoleak

    Beijing PLA Hospital
    Case 21 – BPH 03: male, 72 years
    • Wei Guo
    EVAR of AAA 1 year ago, diameter increasing 5mm for 6 month,
    intermittent abdominal pain for 1 weeks
    Hb: 121 g/L

    CHD, smoking, DM

    1. Right femoral access
    – 6F sheath (COOK)
    2. Selective angiography of SMA and Riolans’ arch
    – Vertebral catheter (TERUMO)
    3. Approach to IMA and embolization
    – 0.026“ microcatheter, 135 cm (COOK)
    – 0.018“ 15/40 mm Interlock Coil (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)
    4. Puncture site closure
    – Exoseal 6F (CORDIS)
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Live case transmission centers


During LINC Asia-Pacific 2019 several live cases will be performed from international centers. All live case transmissions are coordinated, filmed, and produced by the mediAVentures crew, using the latest in high definition television and wireless technology.

• Beijing PLA Hospital, Beijing, China with Wei Guo
• Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, Republic of Korea with Hwan Jun Jae, Saebeom Hur, and Sanghyun Ahn 
• The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong with Bryan Yan and Steven Kum
• University Hospital Leipzig, Department of Angiology, Leipzig, Germany with Andrej Schmidt

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