LINC Asia-Pacific 2016 programme

Room 2 - Technical Forum

3 events
  • Tuesday, March 8th: - , Room 2 - Technical Forum

    Scrub in with the experts: Ultrasound guided interventions and pioneering techniques for CTOs

    live from Changi General Hospital, Singapore:
    Steven Kum
    Peter Schneider
    Varinder Singh Bedi, Dong-Hoon Choi, Seung-Woon Rha, Akira Miyamoto
    1. -

      Puncture technique for retrograde approach (or hybrid procedure for TASC C/D)

        Chang-Hwan Yoon
    2. -

      Retrograde recanalisation of copmplex femoropopliteal lesions: results 150 plus consecutive cases

        Erwin Blessing
    3. -

      The role of echo guided EVT for SFA and BTK lesions

        Akira Miyamoto
    4. -

      A novel technique for SFA-CTO lesions ~ Antegrade trans-pseudo lumen – CART technique

        Shinya Sasaki
    5. -

      Bail-out techniques for failed retrograde access during lower extremity arterial intervention

        Jinoo Kim
    6. -

      Live case transmission from Changi General Hospital, Singapore

  • Wednesday, March 9th: - , Room 2 - Technical Forum

    Scrub in with the experts: Vessel preparation, atherectomy and combination therapies - live from Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taipei City, Taiwan

    live with:
    Hsuan Li Huang
    Carlos Mena-Hurtado
    Sea-Won Lee, Su-Hun Lee, Paul Myers
    1. -

      SFA CTO lesion management – laser or directional atherectomy?

        Chung-Ho Hsu
    2. -

      Combination therapy with directional atherectomy and DCB (DAART treatment) for femoropopliteal lesion management – The Taiwanese experience

        Tien-Yu Wu
    3. -

      Combination therapy with directional atherectomy and DCB (DAART treatment) for femoropopliteal lesion management – The Korean experience

        Keun Her
  • Thursday, March 10th: - , Room 2 - Technical Forum

    Advanced techniques in superficial and deep venous interventions

    Pankaj Patel, Nils Kucher
    In Soo Park, Yiu-Che Chan, Varinder Singh Bedi, Paul Myers
    1. -

      5 years result: endovenous treatment of superficial vein reflux in an outpatient setting

        In Soo Park
    2. -

      The use of VenaSeal in South East Asia

        Yiu-Che Chan
    3. -

      Challenging deep venous interventions: case review and recorded cases

        Nils Kucher
    4. -

      Discussion and conclusion

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