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Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taipei City, Taiwan

2 livecase(s)
  • Wednesday, March 9th: - , Room 1 - Main Arena 1

    Case 13 – TTC 01: Restenosis and reocclusion of left TP trunk to posterior tibial artery

    Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taipei City, Taiwan
    Case 13 – TTC 01: male, 83 years (C-C)
    • Hsin-Hua Chou,
    • Hsuan Li Huang
    Bilateral feet resting pain (left > right) with ulceration at left great toe for 1 month
    PTA for left TP trunk and post. tibial A 02/2013
    PTA and stenting for right SFA 01/2016, PTA for right peroneal artery 01/2016
    ESRD under regular H/D, 3-V CAD s/p PCI, Type 2 DM, HTN
    ABI: right:0.73; left:0.58

    Stenosis at left popliteal artery, restenosis at left TP trunk to single remaining post. tibial A, reocclusion at left distal post. tibial A

    1. Left CFA antegrade access
    - 6F 10 cm sheath (TERUMO)
    - 6F 55 cm Multipurpose guiding catheter (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)

    2. Passage of the lesion(s)
    - 0.014" PT2 guidewire, 300 cm (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)
    - 0.018" CXI support-catheter, 150 cm (COOK)
    - In case of failure, exchange to V-18 control guidewire, 300 cm (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)

    3. Lesion preparation
    - Amphirion Deep, 2.0–2.5/210 mm (MEDTRONIC)

    4. Drug-coated balloon angioplasty
    - Lutonix 014 Drug-coated balloon, 2.5/120 mm for distal post. tibial A (COOK)
    - Lutonix 014 Drug-coated balloon, 3.0/120 mm for proximal post. tibial artery (COOK)

    5. Stenting for TP trunk on indication
    - Bioabsorbable vascular scaffold 3.5/28 mm (ABBOTT)
    - With/without OCT study (ST. JUDE MEDICAL)

    6. Drug-coated balloon angioplasty
    - In.PACT Admiral drug-coated balloon 4.0/80 mm for pop. A (MEDTRONIC)
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  • Wednesday, March 9th: - , Room 2 - Technical Forum

    Case 23 – TTC 02: Calcified stenosis of left common femoral artery

    Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taipei City, Taiwan
    Case 23 – TTC 02: male, 60 years, (Chen)
    • Hsuan Li Huang,
    • Hsin-Hou Chou
    Intermittent claudication of left leg for months
    Diabetes mellitus, arterial hypertension, hyperlipidemia
    Duplex US showed the dampened waveform distal to CFA
    The ABI levels: left 0.77, right 0.89
    CTA: heavily calcified stenosis involving Lt CFA, mild stenosis at left middle SFA

    1. Right femoral cross-over access
    - 8F Balkin 40 cm cross-over sheath (COOK)

    2. Guidewire passage and distal protection
    - 0.014" PT2 guidewire 300 cm (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)
    - Spider FX embolic protection device (MEDTRONIC-COVIDIEN)

    3. IVUS assessment
    - Visions® PV 0.018 catheter (VOLCANO)

    4. Directional atherectomy
    - Turbohawk LS-C or LX-C (MEDTRONIC-COVIDIEN)

    5. Drug coated balloon angioplasty
    - In.PACT Admiral 0.035" 7.0/60 mm (MEDTRONIC)
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