Dear LINC Asia-Pacific 2019 Exhibitor,

We would like to welcome you to LINC Asia-Pacific 2019 and
thank you for your interest in our course and your participation.

Please find:

1) Exhibitors' manual
2) Shipping manual (will be available soon)
3) Media pack for LINC Asia-Pacific Today
4) AsiaWorld order pad

below for viewing and download.

If you are interessted in exhibiting at LINC Asia-Pacific 2019 please contact:

Congress Organisation and More GmbH
Ruffinistraße 16
80637 Munich, Germany

Mrs. Antonie Jäger
E-Mail: toniejaeger(at)
Phone: +49 89 23 75 74–65
Fax: +49 89 23 75 74–70

Exhibitors' manual

Media Pack for LINC Asia-Pacific Today

AsiaWorld Expo order pad