8:10 - 9:10 am
LIVE CASE DEMONSTRATIONS: University Hospital Leipzig

Moderator: Kenneth Rosenfield, MD
Panel: Gary Ansel, MD; Joshua A. Beckman, MD; Barry T. Katzen, MD; Christopher Kwolek, MD;
Sean Lyden, MD; Dierk Scheinert, MD

Intervention for the Common Femoral Artery: What’s the Best Approach?     Tony Das, MD
Drug-Coated Balloons in the SFA: Is This a Class Effect?      Marianne Brodmann, MD
Real-World Drug-Coated Balloon Results in the SFA      Miguel Montero-Baker, MD
Optimal Management of Instent Restenosis      Osamu Iida, MD
Atherectomy and Drug-Coated Balloons: Marriage or Bust?      D. Christopher Metzger, MD
Drug-Eluting Stents for SFA Disease      Johannes Lammer, MD
Stent Grafts for SFA Disease      Patrick J. Geraghty, MD


10:34 am - 12:00 pm
LIVE CASE DEMONSTRATIONS: University Hospital Leipzig

Moderators: Peter A. Schneider, MD
Panel: Theodosios Bisdas, MD, PhD; Marianne Brodmann, MD; Johannes Lammer MD;
Jihad Mustapha, MD; Dierk Scheinert, MD; Mehdi Shishehbor, DO, PhD

3:20 – 4:10 PM

Moderators: Gary Ansel, MD; Dierk Scheinert, MD
Panel: Iris Baumgartner, MD; Theodosios Bisdas, MD, PhD;
Marianne Brodmann, MD; Martin Werner, MD

• A Comparison of DCB Versus Conventional and Woven Nitinol Stents for Complex SFA Disease     Dierk Scheinert, MD
• DCB Versus DES in the SFA: What Are the Pros and Cons?     Iris Baumgartner, MD
• Stenting for a Suboptimal DCB Result: Complete Coverage, Spot Stent, or Tack It?     Marianne Brodmann, MD
• Atherectomy With or Without DCB: Is There a Role?    Martin Werner, MD