Programme F, session 45
Location: Trianon Ballroom, 3rd Floor

Innovative techniques for challenging peripheral lesions

Chairman: D. Scheinert
Moderators: A. Schmidt, G. Biamino, C. Metzger, K. Deloose, P. Goverde

15:17 – 15:25
Latest techniques for aortoliac reconstruction of TASC C and D lesions: Are covered stents the solution?     K. Deloose

15:25 – 15:37
Recorded case: Chimney reconstruction of a complete aortoiliac occlusion (Leriche syndrome)

Operators: P. Goverde, A. Schmidt

15:37 – 15:45
Patient specific approaches for femoropopliteal lesions: Stents, atherectomy and drug-eluting devices     C. Metzger

15:45 – 15:57
Recorded case: Recanalization of a severely calcified SFA occlusion with interwoven Nitinol stents

Operators: M. Ulrich, A. Schmidt

15:57 – 16:05
The angiosome concept for BTK interventions: How to translate it into clinical practice?     G.Biamino

16:05 – 16:17
Recorded case: Recanalization of a tibioperoneal trunc occlusion with DES via retrograde peroneal access

Operators: A. Schmidt, C. Piorkowski

16:17 – 16:25
Current and future concepts to improve outcome of BTK-interventions in CLI     R. Varcoe

16:25 – 16:37
Panel discussion