LINC @ CX | Wednesday, April 27, 08:30–10:00 | Lower Main Auditorium


LINC @ CX – Pioneering techniques for interventional revascularization in critical limb ischemia

Moderators: Giancarlo Biamino, Dierk Scheinert
Panel: Andrej Schmidt, Ramon Varcoe

Latest techniques for retrograde vascular access and crossing of challenging below-the-knee chronic total occlusions     Andrej Schmidt, Leipzig, Germany

Recorded case: Popliteal artery recanalization through a proximal anterior tibial access

What is eventually going to be successful to make below-the-knee results more durable: drug eluting balloons, drug coated balloons or bioabsorbable vascular scaffolds?     Ramon Varcoe, Sydney, Australia

Novel concepts for drug delivery in infra-popliteal arteries – the LIMBO trial     Dierk Scheinert, Leipzig, Germany

Recorded case: Retrograde tibial recanalization followed by deep adventitial dexamethasone injection – LIMBO trial case 

Deep vein arterialisation for end-stage critical limb ischemia – a new interventional technique     Andrej Schmidt, Leipzig, Germany